This SME Is Back after Collapsing from Covid-19

This SME Is Back after Collapsing from Covid-19 – Fried food is a snack or additional food that supports food supplements, makes an appetite, can also be used as a snack, before eating, or after, while resting, and so on. Become the taste of the tongue of the Indonesian people with various spices, flour, and oil from the fried food.

Who is not familiar with Fried? Want to be sold in small stalls, MiSo stalls, mixed rice stalls, small stalls, both cafes already exist although definitely different in quality and taste, at least only Fried Bananas and others which may be a little different for them from ordinary stalls, but for us, on the day of course, just an ordinary shop is enough. Fried food is actually not a new food. In the book A History of Food (2008) this food has even existed since 1200 BC in Egypt. It was from Egypt that the concept of fried food spread throughout the world. In the archipelago itself, these fried foods were brought by China. A fritter is a fried or breaded portion of meat, seafood, fruit, vegetable, or other material that has been fried or breaded, or just a portion of the batter without any additional ingredients that is fried. Fries are prepared in both sweet and savory varieties.

At this point, I get a little information or do a mini interview near my house, in Kuala, Langkat, North Sumatra. I call him Wawak. Wawak has been selling, even before I was born, she opened this business, to support her third child, in 2000. Her husband works as a coolie, in the fields, and other odd jobs. So to help her husband, Wawak sells. In fact, she also opened a MiSo stall, snacks for children, and fried foods. The income per month is enough to buy things back and the rest to pay for her family and children, who are the last college students, can be said to be selling well, until midnight there are still many gentlemen hanging out there.

In Covid-19, of course, SMEs like this have slumped, both because of Lockdown, and others that make the surrounding community unable to go out to buy food such as fried foods that this SME sells. So, at night, this shop is open, and even then quietly.

The seller is very grateful because this pandemic has reduced, so people can be a little free to interact outside the environment, of course, they can also buy these fried foods. The seller rose after slumping from Covid-19, re-opened his business, and collected funds that had been used during the pandemic. Not to forget, during the pandemic or the current situation, this stall still applies health protocols, there is soap and water in front of the stall, and maintains a distance in the seat, in the stall.

We as citizens or consumers who consume MiSo and her fried foods, are definitely different in other regions, what I don’t like is that the MiSo soup contains flavoring, which makes me if I eat food that contains flavoring, I will have a stomach ache. So, keep well, stay healthy lifestyle, and be careful.

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