Indonesia, The World’s Largest Archipelago Country – Get to know more about Indonesia, the largest archipelago country located in South-East Asia and known mostly of it magnificent travel destinations!

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What comes to your mind when you hear country named “Indonesia”?

The Republic of Indonesia, with Jakarta as its capital city is in Asian continent specifically is in South-East Asia. It is located between Pacific and Asian ocean.

Indonesia itself is an archipelago country which cover about 735,358 square miles in total. That is why this country become the largest island country in the world as well.

It also consists of more than seventeen thousand islands. Moreover, it also has 5 largest islands. The largest islands are Sumatera, Java, Borneo, Celebes and Papua. However, there are some islands that we share to other countries.

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While Borneo is sharing with two other countries which are Malaysia and Brunei, Papua is shared with New Guinea and then Timor Island has two authorities in it. First belongs to Indonesia which is Timor and the second one belongs to Timor-Leste.

Not only share the islands with some countries, Indonesia also neighbor of other countries such as Philippines, Australia and Singapore.

In fact, Indonesia has larger water area rather than the land so no doubt that this beautiful country become really popular because of its sea and beaches.

It brings some good advantages for Indonesia especially as the tourism destination as seen by how popular the beaches there.


Since Indonesia is on equator line, this country only has two seasons: wet and dry season. Wet season usually happens around October until May while, dry season usually happens during June until September.

Located on Equator also causes this country surrounded by volcanoes and this phenomenon known as The Ring of Fire. There are around 150 active volcanoes exist in Indonesia.

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It also makes Indonesia has lots of valleys, rivers, lakes and other natures. It is common for this country to get earthquake, eruption, or flood, caused by it’s demographic.

Thing that makes special is this country own the largest tropical forest area in the world. Therefore, Indonesia is known for being a home for exotic fauna and flora.


With a great number of islands and it’s predicate as the largest archipelago country, Indonesia becomes the fourth most populous country in the world after China, India and USA.

Indonesia’s population is around 245 million people with Jakarta (the capital city) being the most populous city in this country, while Java is the most populated island, where the island is only 1,064 km.

As we seen in the map that Java is not as big as Sumatera, Borneo (Kalimantan) or Papua.


What makes Indonesia becomes the fourth most populous country in the world is it’s diverse of ethnics. This country has 1340 ethnics (as recorded by Indonesian Census Bureau in 2010) with several major ethnics living in big islands.

There are Javanese (the largest ethnic group) in Java, Bataknese in Sumatera, Sundanese in Western Java, Minangkabau in Sumatera, and some ethnics that come from eastern area such as Papua, Celebes, and Bali.

The majority of the population are Muslims. After that followed by Christians (Protestant and Catholics), Hindu, Buddhist, and unspecified.

Also, there are people also believe in local beliefs such as Sunda Wiwitan, Kejawen, Kaharingan and others.

This fact makes Indonesia more popular as Multi-Cultural country.


Fact that located on the equator line, Indonesia “offers” some destination to visit and enjoy. The demographic offers beaches, islands, mountain peaks, wildlife, history and original cultures that can be learned.

Owning a lot of regions causes Indonesia has different local language of its region. It is not rarely that each region has more than one local language. However, the national language is Bahasa Indonesia.

So, people do not have to feel insecure to travel here because you only need to understand some words and phrases in Bahasa Indonesia.

As mentioned before, because it’s demographic, Indonesia has more water area than the land. Automatically, this country has a lot of beaches that could attract people especially for foreigners who want to spend their holiday outside their own country.

For those who love sunbathing, doing it on the beach will probably be the right decision. Not only sunbathing, tourist can also do water sports such as diving, surfing, boating and much more.

Many lists of beaches that tourist can choose depends on their interest and activity to do. Kuta (Bali), as the most popular beach in Indonesia can be one of the option.

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Without trying to make others disappointed, this country also has mountains to climb, such as Rinjani, Merbabu, Prau and Jaya Wijaya which is in Papua mentioned as the tallest mountain in Indonesia.

Trekkers will love it since there are also has variety routes to take, for beginner or for professional trekkers. If you want to go, make sure you are in the right time and the right moments.

Just make sure that there are festivals especially culture festival that you can see and enjoy and perhaps you can join as the part of the festivals not only as an audience.

It is mentioned before that Indonesia is home for exotic fauna and flora. Borneo is known as home for Orang utan, and you can found Komodo Dragon Lizard in Komodo island.

Moreover, you can find Rafflesia Arnoldi as one of the most exotic flora. People can find it in the forest in Sumatera. It usually blooms during wet season especially on November or December.

Spiritual tourism is also provided here. The most popular spiritual destination is Borobudur, temple for Buddhist. It is located in Magelang, Central Java and neighbor with Yogyakarta.

Borobudur temple itself known as the biggest temple in the world since it was part of 7 Wonders of The World.

Basically, Indonesia is an archipelago country with republic system and has 34 provinces. This country offers people to visit it with some nature resources as an attraction to make people come and visit.

It is supported with other aspects such as cultural, historical heritage, and demographic which makes Indonesia more interesting to know and visit.

If you interest to go to this country and wonder how to apply the visa, you can visit this article below to get more info about the visa of Indonesia.

All Information You Need About Indonesia Visa Policy and Requirements

What do you think about Indonesia after reading this article? Are you interest in going there?

You can share this information to your beloved ones so they can know more about this country, or even you can travel together to enjoy this wonderful country.


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