Home Minister Lauds Swift Development in North Kalimantan

Home Minister Lauds Swift Development in North Kalimantan

Tanjung Selor: Home Affairs Minister Tito Karnavian commended the rapid development in North Kalimantan as the province commemorates its 10th anniversary of establishment on October 25.
“I see a huge leap forward (in this province) because when I visited the province in 2017, Tanjung Selor was so empty. As the then-Police Chief, (the decision to) establish the province’s police, apart from ensuring security, was also to promote development and encourage residents to stay,” Karnavian remarked while serving as inspector for North Kalimantan’s 10th anniversary commemoration ceremony here, Tuesday.
The minister also recalled that during his visit in 2019, he had officiated the North Kalimantan Police, as the province had its military installations and institutions consolidating.

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Karnavian said that on his current fifth visit to the province, he was impressed by the quick development initiated by the regional authority.
“The region, particularly Tanjung Selor, is now better and livelier. I am impressed because the city developed from a quiet one to the (current situation) now when the city remains bustling even at night. (Now, the city) has a lot of cafes, restaurants, hotels, department stores, schools, and other places,” Karnavian expounded.
The minister then reminded the regional authority to utilize the province’s vast area and natural resources’ potential to bolster development in North Kalimantan.
The regional authority should also develop advanced, educated, savvy, and healthy human resources as the province has a modest population, he added.
Karnavian also urged the provincial authority to focus on educational and healthcare programs by allocating 20 percent of the provincial budget for education as well as 10 percent for healthcare.
“If possible, make all school levels free of charge. Provide scholarships for pupils, good higher educational institutions, and develop vocational education according to the region’s potentials, for instance, a polytechnic for the fishery, forestry, mining, or green energy sectors,” the minister remarked. 



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