6 Simple Ways To Sell Items On Facebook Marketplace

tribunwarta.com – Do you have an online shop or to buy and sell things on Facebook Marketplace? Well, this article may help you to do that.

Why you should try Facebook marketplace to sell items

An online marketplace is a platform where people can buy or sell items online. There are plenty of them on the internet along with the rise of online shopping. No doubt, you can easily find the item you need in just one click.

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The biggest online marketplace in the world today is Amazon, with its total shares of 886.705 billion dollars. It covers multiple items from prime video to software.

For you who are the online shoppers or sellers, there is one platform you must try. It is free and very easy to use. If you want to decide where to sell your products, you can consider the Facebook marketplace as your option.

Let’s look at some benefits of using the Facebook marketplace.

#1 Facebook has billions of users in the world

That means you have a chance to have a larger marketplace in your local area. Almost everybody has a Facebook account. It is fit for those who want to target a more specific market around their local area or network.

#2 You only need a Facebook account to start

It is free, unlike other marketplaces that require certain account or application. The buyers don’t have to download a special application to buy your product.

They can directly go to your store and contact you through Facebook chat using a Facebook account.

#3 Sell second-hand goods

You can sell as many products as you want. For those who prefer to sell single or few items, especially the second-hand ones, you can go with this platform.

#4 Listing items

Listing items on the Facebook marketplace is really easy and for free.

However, there are few limitations on the feature. The Facebook marketplace has a limited feature to describe the store profile.

It doesn’t tell its visitors about the number of the viewers, sent products, condition of the products, minimum order, insurance, product info, photo of products from buyer and shipping estimation cost.

It is different from other marketplaces such as Tokopedia, which shows profile and the review of the shops.

Some of the owners don’t display a complete profile of the shop or product and only use their personal Facebook account as the profile. It is obvious because, unlike Amazon, Facebook is mainly social media for interaction.

Here is the solution. Especially if you sell a variety of items in a bulk, create a website or IG account for the products and put notification of your website or IG account on the listing items.

Or you can create a different Facebook account to describe and promote your items in detail. You also can ask the buyer to review or give comment about or posting your products that they buy.

The goal is to gain trust from your buyer since some scam online shops make shoppers afraid to buy.

Besides, some sellers might sell the same products as yours. It means there is more competition. So, make your store more professional.

How to sell items on the Facebook marketplace

See how you can sell items using the Facebook marketplace in the following ways.

#1 Open your Facebook account

Log in your Facebook account and go to the left side of the category, the marketplace is right after the Videos on Watch. Or click here to go directly to the link.

#2 Click selling on the menu and create your listing

Choose the category of your products. You can use this site to open an online garage sale and earn some money from it.

Fill the price of the product, area where you live and give relevant descriptions of the items for potential buyers.

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Add a website of your products, if you sell in a large quantity. This will make you more professional and gain trust from the potential buyer.

#3 Click next after filling all relevant information

There will be a pop-up window that show a ‘Marketplace’ symbol. You can skip this one and just click post.

#4 Boost listing

This feature helps you to advertise the products you want to sell. It has

Minimum budget Rp10.000 per day, so at least your budget should be Rp30.000.

The more money you pay to advertise, the higher the number of people your ads will reach per day.

#5 Select your payment method

After clicking the promote button, a pop-up window will launch ‘Select a Payment Method’. There are 2 ways of payment. Through credit/debit card and bank transfer.

For card, you’ll be asked to submit the card information you use to pay the ads, namely name on card, card number, expiration date, and security code.

There are only two types of cards to use, Visa and MasterCard. Another option is to transfer via bank. You can go with ATM Bersama, ALTO or PRIMA to pay.

#6 Good quality of the picture

Post a good quality of picture from the product. This will not only attract the attention of the potential buyers but also convince them that you offer them high quality product.

If you are good at using the Photoshop app, use it to put important notification right on the picture.

What do you think about selling on the Facebook marketplace? It is flexible and easy, isn’t it? Please share your experience if you ever used the Facebook marketplace on selling items.

Tips on buying from the Facebook marketplace

If you want to shop through this marketplace, you can directly type the items you want or simply look at the category of the items. When buying, pay attention to a scam or fake seller or shop.

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So be careful before making a deal. Here are some ways you can consider to buy items while avoiding fraud on Facebook.

#1 Ask for detail information about the price

Sometimes the sellers give you a fake price, a very low price compared to the real one, to catch buyer’s attention and because many are selling the same products.

#2 Ask for the address of the shop

If you want to find out whether the shop is a scam or not, ask for the offline shop address.

If you are serious about buying good home furniture and are still unsure of or doubt about the seller, make an appointment with him/her. This way can secure your transaction or deal.

#3 Negotiate the price

As a buyer, especially in a market where there are the amount of products for one type or brand, negotiating the price can save you a deal.

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Be brave to ask and bit the price. There is a seller who’ll put a fake price to attract buyers.

So, make your research on the market price of the product. This also helps to make your negotiation process easier.

#4 Consult with a friend

Find reliable information from friends who ever bought the same item. You also can ask their experience in negotiating the price with the seller.

Do you have other tips on buying from the Facebook marketplace? Please share in the comment below.

What not to sell on the Facebook marketplace

If you are a seller, some items can’t be sold in the Facebook marketplace according to Facebook policy.

#1 Not a real item

Anything that isn’t physical couldn’t be sold on Facebook. For example news, jokes, lost and found posts.

#2 Services or event tickets

Services such as house cleaning or event tickets such as a concert, sporting events, travel (train tickets, airline tickets, and cruise tickets) or admission tickets (tickets for museums, historical sites and parks) couldn’t be sold on the marketplace.

#3 Sell and buy animals

You can’t sell or buy animals on the Facebook marketplace including the post about the adoption of animals. But it is still permitted to create a news feed post or ad about selling animals.

#4 Medical or healthcare-related items

You can’t sell items such as a thermometer or first-aid kits or other medicals items on the marketplace.

#5 Before and after pictures

Selling a before and after picture such as weight loss isn’t permitted.


Facebook marketplace is a place to buy and sell items online simply and easily.

By considering the reach of Facebook users, it’s no doubt you can gain the advantage of expanding your market to people around your local area.

Even though there are some weaknesses and limitations on this platform, but the flexibility it offers is very good.

To avoid fraud or scam, you need to be careful when buying or selling items. And as a seller learn more about the common policy of Facebook includes what not to sell on Facebook.

Are you ready to make your first transaction on Facebook? Wouldn’t it be a great idea to shop or sell online with other people from the local area? Who knows that one day you might end up making a joint venture business with them.

If this article is helpful, please share it with those who need or want to promote or expand their products in the local area, to help them grow their business.



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