6 Most Luxurious Apartments With Deluxe Amenities In Jakarta 2019

tribunwarta.com – Do you have any plan to stay or live in a luxurious apartment at Jakarta, the current capital city of Indonesia?

Before choosing one, here is a review of 6 most luxurious apartments living that can be your options in Jakarta. Let’s check it out!

Luxurious Apartments

Luxurious apartments are known for their distinct quality of design, amenities, service, and location.

Besides the strategic location, luxury apartments are well-equipped with lavish amenities for a comfortable living experience.

You can enjoy the benefits of their exclusive and complete facilities such as Jacuzzi, private lift, and sauna like no other apartments have.

The Benefit Of Living In A Luxurious Apartment

The lifestyle and demand for a more efficient and modern living make the apartment an attractive alternative for housing. The shift to apartment living has led to the growth of luxury apartments in some big cities.

The apartment is a housing located inside a building, which differs from an independent home that usually occupied land.

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Urban millennials opt to buy apartments because of the soaring price of housing, land and security reason.

If you are in or new to the business of investing apartments, or you are in the middle of deciding to buy a luxury apartment, here are some benefits you can consider.

#1 A Convenience Amenities

The finest apartment living is undoubtedly what you’d get. As most of the luxurious apartments have advanced standard of facilities. The superb amenities will serve you with lavish equipment and service.

You can enjoy the immense quality it offers such as spa, shopping mall, jogging track, olympic swimming pool, library, sauna and international restaurant standard, fitness center to name a few.

You also don’t have to worry about spending much time reaching out to the sport center or supermarket downtown.

#2 A 24/7 Security Service

The security system ensures your safety for 24 hours every day. You’d no longer worry about theft or someone breaks into your room. It also has an operational CCTV system in every corner.

The total security provided makes sure you have a sound sleep. In case of emergency, the apartments provide intercoms and separate alarms.

#3 Location

Set in a strategic location to public center, business areas, main roads, airport, and city’s major locations and landmark, this is truly a bonus for the super busy working people with high mobility.

It can save you a lot of your time whether it’s going to your office or hanging out downtown.

#4 Investment Purpose

With the location and five-star facilities it gives, no wonder the price of a luxury apartment is very expensive. With its price that soars up every year, you would gain a profitable return in the future from renting or selling it.

#5 Connect With Neighbor

Socializing with your neighbor in apartments living can be relatively easier than when staying in the independent house because of the design and facilities that connect you to other inhabitants.

#6 Maintenance

The luxurious apartments are equipped with well-design amenities and facilities that require almost no maintenance. This becomes an issue when you live in an independent home such as rooftop, garage or water issues.

The apartments also provide assistance to help you maintain the building such as garden, pool and façade cleaning.

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What do you think of these benefits? Please share in the comment below if you have another opinion about it.

6 Luxury Apartments In Jakarta 2019

Now, let me show you 6 of the most luxurious with prime-quality apartments located strategically in Jakarta.

#1 Keraton Residence


Keraton Residence is developed by PT Plaza Indonesia Tbk. and located inside the Plaza Indonesia, one of the biggest mall in Jakarta. It is known as one of the most expensive apartments in this cosmopolitan city.

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Set in front of the HI Senayan roundabout makes its price extremely expensive. It is valued at 138 million rupiahs per square.

Experience the exclusive living with international standard facilities. It only offers 54 units of private residential.

Facilities and amenities:

The facilities cover designated parking, private lift for each resident, Lobby Lounge Bar, business center, multi function room, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, restaurant, spa and access to Plaza Indonesia Shopping Center and Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta.

#2 The Residences St. Regis


The Residences at St. Regis located strategically in Kuningan is a suite and living apartments for a prominently luxurious living space. It is developed by Rajawali Property Group.

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By 2020, it will launch a city debut. Along with that, they plan to build The St. Regis Jakarta Hotel and the premium grade-A office tower as the headquarters of the Rajawali Group.

This creation set The Residences as a highly strategic and prominent living space for the inhabitants.

Facilities and amenities:

The Residences offers a completely fine service to its residents such as a 24-hour concierge for exclusive access and assistance.

Other services you can enjoy are doorman service, designated residence fitness and swimming pool attendant.

They provide a high class and spacious design style from the living room, working space to the kitchen. You will get access to a daily newspaper and 24 hours security with a 24 hours on-call emergency for your safety.

The Residence also gives services for gardening, some building maintenance and control service for your pets.

#3 Shangri – La Residence


Shangri-La Residence is located in the center of Sudirman, a business district in Jakarta and integrated with business and leisure. You can get direct access to some of Jakarta’s famous landmarks.

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Facilities and amenities:

The apartments provide up to 3 bedrooms units, a garden unit, and a penthouse that crafted elegantly with a private rooftop swimming pool.

You can choose whether to have your room fully furnished or unfurnished. It applies a biometric fingerprints identification to access the apartment.

Besides, it has a complete bath and personal care, media, and entertainment such as LCD TV, cable and satellite, office equipment, stationery, refreshments, and children’s meal plan for guests staying at the hotel.

With a lavish style of design and furniture combine with high-quality standard of facilities, certainly, it will create delight living space for its inhabitants.

#4 The Ritz Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place Residence


Pacific Place Residence is located strategically in downtown Jakarta at Sudirman business district.

From here you can get direct access to the Indonesia Stock Exchange, the Sudirman and Thamrin Office Belt, some of the busiest areas in Jakarta.

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Facilities and amenities:

For those who look for a sheer elegance of luxury living in the middle of busy cosmopolitan Jakarta, this residence provides an extravagant style of room features and amenities.

It consists of suites up to 3 bedrooms and an executive 2 bedrooms unit.

The amenities and facilities include 24-hour in-room dining, daily international newspaper delivery, preferred time of housekeeping service and babysitting service.

It is highly exclusive that it provides you also with a driver for limousine service.

#5 The Dharmawangsa Jakarta


The Dharmawangsa Jakarta is strategically set in the upscale leafy area in South Jakarta, Kebayoran Baru. It is one of the most luxurious hotel apartments with ethnic nuance and style in its room and features design.

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It is close to some important offices in Jakarta such as the central business district, The National Police Headquarters to ASEAN Secretariat and Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

Facilities and amenities:

The Dharmawangsa consists of prime quality of room such as deluxe suite, townhouse suite, presidential suite, and penthouse suite.

Designed with excellent style of Indonesia ethnic atmosphere, you could experience the serene living in the home-style room.

It offers you high standard facilities and amenities such as a restaurant with international standards, a lounge for enjoying your alcohol and wine, spa, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, sauna and stems rooms.

#6 The MayFlower Marriot


Located at central business district Sudirman, The Mayflower Marriot offers you a sophisticated apartment living as a guest.

With its strategic location, you can get direct access to Setiabudi MRT Station that allows you to travel around Jakarta’s landmarks.

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Facilities and amenities:

The MayFlower is serviced typed apartments. It is designed with a spacious room consisted of one, two, and three-bedroom apartments to make you experience the comforts.

You can enjoy the unrivaled of home-style comfort in your room with a fully equipped kitchen, laundry room, Marriott’s signature Revive bedding, and separate areas for living and working.

The service such as 24-hour Guest Relations and Housekeeping, international dining at The Cafe, a half Olympic-size indoor swimming pool, a full-service spa, and a fitness center are available to cater all of the guests’ needs and intended to make your stay convenient and tranquil.

For you who are working and need a place that far from the noisy and bustling city with higher access to your office or business district in the Jakarta area, then these 6 luxurious apartments highly serve such need and desire of convenience and luxurious living.

They also are the best option to be included in the investment portfolio to obtain profitable income.


The benefits of living or investing in a luxury apartment is desirable, for its sheer convenience whether for living or an extended stay, as well as promising return in the future.

These 6 luxury apartments in Jakarta hopefully can meet your need whether for work productivity, investment or extravagant lifestyle.

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How do you think? If you think this information is helpful, please share with those who are looking for a fine place to stay in Jakarta or for investment purposes.


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