6 Amazing Principles For Success That Everyone Needs


6 Amazing Principles For Success

What is a success? Why do people want to be successful? What is amazing principles for success?

If you live in a culture that rewards social status as a high achievement then people will consider you a successful person when you have prominent status in society.

If you live in a culture that honors family then people will tell you are successful if you have a perfect family.

And if the culture treasures material wealth as the only one highest achievement then you are successful if you have fifty bucks of gold in your bank account. Well, the list can continue.

Different cultures have their own definition of success. Oftentimes people follow what the culture tells them. For millennials, it probably means owning a house, more flexibility in work or having a strong social connection.

But, what common among those definitions is that success is an achievement of the desired goal. And this article will focus on being a person of success as its goal.

Well, pursuing success today has an obvious challenge. Life has become more complex and full of tense for every person every day. Business becomes more competitive. And work demands more productivity. Problems and challenges are more complicated to solve and unpredicted.

The realities of this age make people pessimistic whether they can change their lives. Some are afraid of the future. Some doubt the way they have been living their life or escape from hard reality. Despite this desperate situation, there is still hope.

This fourth technology revolution where many advanced technologies such as AI and nanotechnology changes the way people relate to each other. Its disruptive power opens a boundless opportunity for people more than in any other past centuries.

Take a look at entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Jack Ma or Mark Zuckerberg who avail themselves of the disruptive power of technology to produce innovation in social media, marketplace and computer businesses.

They are aware of this possibility.

They started a carrier in business from different places and time. But what they have in common that makes them successful?

Technological advances are the only external factor. I believe that they learn and apply the principles of success.

So, what are the principles to help you be successful? What are the blocks you need to remove to be successful?

Principles For Success

There are 6 principles for success that everyone needs to learn. Check this out!

#1 Success is a Matter of Being

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

Try being a person of success instead of doing things to be successful. Why? It may sound counter-intuitive but that’s true. It comes first before you begin to take action toward your goal. Know who you are is important.

It seems simple but what you perceive yourself to be has an incredible impact on the way you respond to life. It is not so much about what you have but who you are.

When you define success from the existence of your being, no matter how terrible the situation, you wouldn’t compare yourself or complain even worry about the result. Instead, you would have the courage and the ability to face reality.

#2 Accepting Suffering

“To live fully is to live with an awareness of the rumble of terror that underlies everything”. – Ernest Becker

No one is free from suffering. It is a universal reality in the course of human’s history. From ordinary to famous people in the world are subject to pain and adversity.

When Steve Jobs was a kid he was raised as an adopted child to foster parents of Paul and Clara Jobs and was having a hard time in his primary school.

Jack Ma was rejected 30 times when he applied for jobs and failed 10 times when applied to Harvard Business School. But they both accepted the reality of suffering and didn’t give up to pursue their dreams.

When you acknowledge hardships in life you would not take things for granted. Instead, you would appreciate things that are not temporary and make the most of every opportunity to do your best.

#3 Know your Passion

“… no matter what you aspire to, you’ve got to love what you do in order to be successful at it.” – Michelle Obama

Discover what you love to do. You are given the capability to think and act rationally compare to other creatures.

Successful people are those who seek and follow their passion. It is a deep-strong feeling and interest in something.

A great accomplishment in life sometimes begins in focusing on the things you love to do.

#4 Great Ambition

“Great ambition is the passion of a great character. Those endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts. It all depends on the principals which direct them.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Big invention and discovery in history are driven by an ambition to overcome obstacles in life.

Robotics and biotechnology as the invention of the 21st Century are some of the artifacts that grow out of the challenges in the society of how to remove the barrier in order to connect to each other or how to heal chronic diseases.

With ambition, you have the energy to accomplish things more than what you think you can do. It also equips you with totality in your attempt.

#5 Strong Confidence

“Have confidence that if you have done a little thing well, you can do a bigger thing well too.” – David Storey

Be confidence. Believe that every difficulty in life has its solution.

Confidence doesn’t come from certainty of the situation but being certain in the situation. It prevents you from giving up too soon.

Being confidence also comes from good preparation and a focus-mind on priorities.

#6 Long-life Learning

“Change is the end result of all true learning.” – Leo Buscaglia

The reality of pain and human imperfection is one of the reasons why learning is essential. Make the habits of learning as part of your growth, not as something you want to own.

Life is a journey with ups and downs. Those who succeed are the ones who are willing to learn.

You are able to adapt to change and find the courage to act in an unfamiliar situation if you learn.

Blocks That Prevent You To Be Successful

When you recognize one of the things that stop you, you could apply some of the principles mentioned above to break these blocks.

#1 Small Thinking

The way you perceive reality will determine the decision you make and action you take. A narrow-minded person is like people who live in a cave for so long. They couldn’t go out because their legs and necks are chained. The only thing they see is the blank wall in front of them.

This Allegory of the Cave is a philosophical work written by Plato, who wants to show how ignorance can lead to a shallow truth and how the lack of thinking influence the nature of human’s perception.

#2 Fear

This is an emotion that oftentimes occurs when one faces a problem. Fear could be a wall or prison that keeps you from discovering a new idea or approach to your problem.

If you don’t learn how to master your fear, you will get stuck.

Some of the fears most people experience in their life are the following:

#1 Fear of Failure

Your plan doesn’t go the way you want or when you thought you’d given the best to apply for scholarships and you failed several times. Or your proposal for a project is rejected by your boss.

These can make you afraid of trying because you think the outcome would be the same.

Especially if failing for several times. But Michael Jordan proves this wrong. He is the most legendary player in the basketball NBA because of his great skill. How does he make it? Through failing many times.

#2 Fear of Taking a Risk

There is no risk-free life. Choosing to buy a car instead of a house involving a risk that you will rent a place with a price that rises every year. Or choosing to pursue a carrier may risk you your time to build a relationship, get higher education or get married.

Every choice involves risk. When you are afraid of taking a risk, you wouldn’t develop your full potential even become co-dependence in your relationship at work or in the family.

If you stay in your comfort zone, you probably will miss the opportunity to develop your talent.

#3 Fear of What Other People Think

This can paralyze you if you follow and do what other people think about you. People adhere to what others think because they are thirsty for acceptance.

Who you are don’t depend on what others think of you. Use the principle of success #1 and be yourself.

#3 Focus on The Result

Only focus on the result and skip the process leads to low productivity and quality.

For example, your target is to produce 100 loaves of bread each day. You keep adding machines and employees to top-up the production more than your daily target. But you overlook the process of maintaining your machines and employees productivity.

It can cause your company to lose the value of the bread and later it becomes obsolete by other products that are more innovative in quality.

The principle is the same for being successful. If you maintain the process of being a successful person in the study, you’d study even when there is no test at all.

#4 Blaming and Victimism

People love to blame on circumstances or other people and play the victim for their problems and challenges. It is the expression of disappointment and anger because of an unfulfilled desire or goal.

These “If only I had a certain amount of money I would … or If only I entered this university I could…” are thoughts of denying or not accepting things.

One of the reasons why conflict in work or family happens is because people blame each other and don’t want to take responsibility.

6 Amazing Principles For Success Will Help You

Being successful is a matter of who you are becoming before and after you reach what you desire. The principles in this article are meant to help you become a successful person regardless of what or how much you have been achieving in life.

Try applying these principles and ways for yourself and see what you can be. And be kind.

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