5 Best Car Insurance in 2019 And How To Get The Cheap One

tribunwarta.com – 5 Best Car Insurance In 2019: Car is almost everywhere, especially in big cities. It is now considered as a vehicle that most people choose as the solution for a high mobility of life and work. Another reason is the investment value that can be turned into an asset.

You can rent your car and earn some money from it. Besides, fulfilling the family needs and personal achievement are the other motives that drive people into buying a car.

If you just bought a new car, you need to consider protecting it from any risk of damage. Therefore, having car insurance is important.

There could be many forms of an accident happening on the road every day, right?

It could be a drunk driver who crashed your car suddenly or because of your own mistakes that you hit somebody’s car on your way to work or your car got stolen or it was destroyed by a natural disaster.

Imagine if you don’t have car insurance. You’d pay for the cost of the damage of the car if an accident happened.

If you have car insurance, it’d be easier for you to replace or repair the damage and save you from a lawsuit if an accident happened.

So, have you get car insurance?

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Some consider having car insurance is too expensive. If that is you don’t worry because today, you can get cheap car insurance with flexible and easy way.

All right, first, let’s find out what general types of car insurance in Indonesia.

Here are 2 types of car insurance in Indonesia you should consider.

#1 Total Lost Only (TLO)

TLO will cover the cost of your car for conditions such as when your car got stolen or when the damage happened that cost equal or more than 75% of the car’s price at that time.

If the damage happened less than 75%, you couldn’t make a claim.

For example, if your car is 100 million rupiahs and damage that happens cost 75 million rupiahs, you can make a claim. But you can’t if it is only 45 million rupiahs.

There is one more type of car insurance, all risk.

#2 All Risk

All risk gives protection for all types of damage no matter the size, major or minor. It provides protection also when a car is stolen. You’ll spend more money on this insurance than on the TLO since it covers many damages or incidents.

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What types of car insurance you’d like to have and why? Please share your opinion in the comment below.

Simple Ways To Get Cheap Car Insurance

Now, I’d discuss some simple ways you can do to get cheap car insurance.

#1 Choose Your Car Carefully

The price of your car will be related directly to the premium, whether it is a new or an old car. The more expensive the car, the higher the premium fee but with additional features from the insurance.

When buying a car, consider the one based on your budget and need.

#2 A Good Condition Car

Your car must be in a well-maintained condition. Take good care of the machine, body and particularly the safety and security features of the car.

#3 Location

Different locations, different premiums. The premium you pay will follow the area where you live. If you have a plan to move to another city, check the premium tariff in that place from your insurance company.

#4 Security Equipment

Put the security equipment such as the alarm, parking camera, steering lock, immobilizer or standard tracking tool on your car.

#5 No Incident or Traffic Violations Records

Be sure you don’t involve in any traffic violation.

Be careful when driving. Avoid it when you are very tired. Though other people might be careless on the road and cause an incident, at least being careful keeps you off from the possibility of having an incident.

If you are in a renting business or let somebody use your car, make sure the person knows how to drive well and is familiar with car insurance and the risk of incident or damage.

#6 Compare Several Products of Car Insurance

The easiest way to get relatively cheap car insurance is by comparing the premium for each product of insurance.

Collect the information you need from each product and choose the cheapest one without sacrificing the quality of services and features it offers.

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#7 Use Cashback If There is No Bonus Claim

Another way to cut the cost of car insurance is by bonus without a long claim. Each insurance company has its standard of bonus. You should double-check the policy of the insurance.

#8 Get A Life Insurance

Find out if there is any discount if you already had life insurance as a driver and for your family.

Try insuring the vehicles of your relatives or friends in the same company and negotiate the premium of the insurance.

#9 Get an Extension For Your Car Insurance

Ask the company if the insurance offers comprehensive protection for you and your car.

Elements of protection could be in the following areas:

    Protection for damage because of natural disaster

    Protection for riots, terrorism or sabotage

    Protection for the driver and the family

    Emergency help in the road

    If the third party involved in the accident caused by your car, insurance will cover for a lawsuit or material and non-material loss of the third party

    Medical expenses/costs for the insured or policyholder (person/people who buy the insurance)

    Reimbursement for the reparation of the damage

#10 Call a Financial Consultant

If you are too afraid of deciding which insurance to go with, the safest way is to ask the expert. You can contact a financial consultant who is well-informed and has experience in car insurance. Gain some perspectives and advice from the consultant.

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Though you’d be charged for the service, it is worth a try. Please do not hesitate to call our financial team to help you make a well-informed decision regarding your car insurance. You can contact us or use Application of Finansialku.

It is better to get a maximum or complete protection from any risk for you and your car.

However the more comprehensive the protection, the higher the premium you should pay. Therefore, be wise in choosing the best insurance car that fits you and your car needs.

5 Best and Cheap Car Insurances 2019 in Indonesia That You Must Consider

After knowing ways to get cheap car insurance, let’s take a look at these 5 best and cheap car insurance 2019 in Indonesia that you must know.

Best Car Insurance #1 Sinar Mas

One of the top-quality products Sinar Mas offers is Simasnet insurance.

There are two benefits you must know. You can make a claim directly to the car shop that is in partnership with or pointed by Sinar Mas when your car experiences damage.

Another benefit is that it offers 0% of installment for BCA credit card holders and gives 24 hours service to its customers. It is interesting offers, right, particularly if you have a lot of monthly expenses to pay for.

Best Car Insurance #2 Allianz

Allianz is a global insurance company and known for its top-quality product.

Asuransi Allianz Mobilku is the car insurance offered by Allianz in Indonesia. If you want to make a claim, you can go online via the Allianz site service.

There are 3 comprehensive packages you can choose according to your necessity.

    Allianz Mobilku Grand. It gives protection for damage and when the car gets stolen.

    Allianz Mobilku ECO provides a very low premium tariff.

    And the last one is Allianz Mobilku Non-Paket that offers a package that follows your preferences.

#3 Garda Oto

This company has gained an award in car insurance by one of the Indonesia survey institutions in 2013. It offers you TLO and all-risk insurance.

If you prefer a fast, easy and cheap service then you should consider this one as your option.

Some of the advantages you’ll have are bonuses for every insurance purchasing, e-policy issued 24 hours a day, easy payment via Virtual Account, and a direct debit online. Along with that, it offers 0% credit card installment up to 6 months.

#4 Adira

Adira Autocillin is the car insurance product that provides type of insurance such as all risk, comprehensive, and TLO.

Today it has added features such as Emergency Roadside Assistance, and service such as Autocillin Mobile Claim Application, as well as Autocillin Mobile Service.

During its operation for 7 years, there are 5 most preferred products of car insurance namely Asuransi Mobil All Risk, Asuransi Mobil TLO, Asuransi Mobil Syariah Yang Halal dan Thoyiban, Asuransi Mobil Rental, Asuransi Mobil Taxi On Line (Grab, GoCar).

If you rent your car or use it to earn money through Grab and GoCar you can choose the Asuransi Mobil Rental and Asuransi Mobil Taxi On Line for protection.

#5 AXA Auto Insurance

AXA offers TLO and a comprehensive type of insurance for its clients.

Some risks it covers such as minor risks include tow truck service for damaged car and major risks where the insurance covers for a stolen car or a key lost and protection of a lawsuit from the third party.

What are other cheap car insurance you know or use now? Please share your experience in the comment below.

It’s Important!

Insurance is a financial tool you can use to protect your assets.

In this case, you will need car insurance if you want to avoid risks that can create a loss.

It is a wise step to choose a car insurance as soon as you have a car, whether it is old or new.

Even though the premium tariff is different for every car in every area, but knowing the ways to get cheap car insurance shouldn’t make you worry anymore to pick up your best and cheap insurance that can meet your need.

If you find this article helpful, don’t be hesitate to share with people whom you know really need this information. By doing this you help them traveling more relaxing knowing they have the best protection of their car and themselves.


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